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A Room With A View at Coyote's Song

A tranquil retreat near Lake Patagonia, Arizona. Ideal for bird watching, enjoying nature or just escaping from the hustle and bustle.

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Lake Patagonia Lodging - A Room With A View at Coyote's Song

Secluded Retreat Minutes from Lake Patagonia State Park

Somewhere in about 1996 or so a night was spent on a nearby hilltop. It was a “vision quest” of sorts. Awake all night- just a human and a sleeping bag- the coyotes decided to be particularly talkative. Their Songs of communication rang from miles around. Long elaborate verses interpreted only by the coyotes. The beauty of it was astounding. It continued throughout the night until morning. Falling stars provided punctuation. A call to the Arizona Sonora Desert Museum in Tucson for clarification of the event gave little insight. “Oh coyotes. With them you never know”. That’s how our land got it’s name.

The Comforts of Home

Southern Arizona Inn, A Room With A View was conceived from the much loved Crow’s Nest at Ramsey Canyon. Ironically just after we opened (1998) we learned that the Ramsey Canyon cabins were no longer available. Due to degrading of the canyon they were all removed. The Crow’s Nest was their most popular cabin. We adopted the basic design for our rooms. We also enjoyed our stay there and the room’s comfort and utility. We sincerely hope your time at A Room With A View will provide the comfort and serenity and connection to nature that you may be seeking. We have two beautifully furnished rooms each with it's own fully equipped kitchen and private bath.

Grand View of Sonora Mexico

This charming Sante Fe Ranch home sits on 18 acres and offers quiet seclusion, panoramic views and peaceful solitude. Guest to our southern Arizona Inn seem to thrive on the great mountain vistas looking into Mexico and the rural peace and quiet. With spectacular sunsets, incredible moon rises and moon sets, each season has it's own distinct beauty, as only southern Arizona can provide.

Birding from A Room With A View

A Room With A View boasts easy access to a number of southern Arizona bird watching venues. We are just 4 miles from Lake Patagonia state park, which has an excellent pontoon birding tour. Birding guests have been ecstatic to see the Elegant Trogon at Lake Patagonia. The Sonoita Creek Bird Preserve is 15 minutes away, Ramsey Canyon and additional bird preserves are just an hour away in the San Pedro Valley.

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