A Room With A “Different” View

So I’m watching a Hallmark channel movie as I recuperate an over strained back…. The movie protagonist asks the fair maiden bookstore owner, “What makes your bookstore different?”  Well I imA86A92A547156201760FD75B19F76C36191EC5A7mediately thought of how that question relates to “A Room With A View“.

We’re different because we don’t try to gouge you out of every dollar.  You have no taxes to pay. We do all of that for you.  You actually get a FREE bottle of wine with your reservation.  (And we work to make it a decent bottle of whatever type you choose.)  You get what you see.  We’ve NEVER had a guest who was disappointed with their accommodations.  We may not be fancy.  Your walls may be white, with decorations, but your bed will be comfortable.  You may want to take a book or two home with you (and send the good ones back).  You will have nice people to answer your questions, but they won’t be bothering you when you’re napping.  You’ll have a  four legged creature to pet if you feel like it.  You wont’ get a breakfast and we won’t be stopping by to clean for you.  But you can do your laundry and you’ll have plenty of sheets and towels to choose from.  Your kitchen will feel like you’ve left nothing behind.

And you’ll have a beautiful view of nature at her finest.  Should you come in August and the first two weeks of September you’ll see a mass of hummingbirds like you’ve never seen before.  Even in the dead of summer, you’ll see hummers and enjoy a cooler temperature than any metropolitan area  in Arizona.  If you’re trying to dodge the cruelty of winter months and don’t wish to deal with crowded cities… you’ve found heaven.

A Room With A View is probably one of the few great deals on the planet.  Grab it before the costs push us to increase our prices and potentially decrease the lovely people we enjoy each year.  We really like nice people.

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